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Vertical single head taping line

Vertical taping line
Description Technical Parameters

LRBJ—ZB Series Vertical Taping Machine With Automatic pay-off

Vertical single-head taping machine could tape PTFE, PE, aluminum foil, copper foil, silver plated copper into conductor. During this process, the tension is controlled by the magnetic remanence brake and the speed is controlled by the servo driving system respectively. Taping and tape pay-off process are controlled by servo motor and control system respectively to realize the real constant tension taping.

Type  LRBJ300-Z1B  LRBJ200-Z1B
Taping type Vertical and Concentric tape Vertical and Concentric tape
Taping head number Single-end Single-end
Core wire diameter 0.5~10mm 0.5~10mm
Maximum Speed 1000r.p.m 1000r.p.m
Taping pitch 0.5mm~10mm(0.01mm each step adjustable)through digital setting 0.5mm~10mm(0.01mm each step adjustable)
through digital setting
Overlap ratio 0%~80% 0%~80%
Taping pitch accuracy ±0.25% ±0.25%
Taping reel size Max .ø300mm Max .ø180mm
Taping width 1.0~15mm 1.0~15mm
Taping thickness 0.06~0.6mm 0.06~0.4mm
Taping head motor Servo Motor Servo Motor
Pay-off motor Servo Motor Servo Motor
Minimum/Maximum tension 80-2000g 40-700g/70-1500g
Traction motor Servo Motor Servo Motor
Pay-off Active Active
Take-up Reducer and magnetic power Clutch, winding displacement(Optional) Reducer and magnetic power clutch, winding displacement(Optional)
Winding displacement Servo motor Servo motor